Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam

Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound BeamCreators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound BeamVibrational Energy Electromedicine - Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam
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Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam

Lightwave Resonator/BioMirror 

"Photonic Holographic Radionics"
Exotic Dual Toroidal Lens with Violet, Aqua, Pink  LED's

The LIGHTWAVE RESONATOR/BIOMIRROR powerfully synergizes:

  • The Lightwave Resonator:  advanced Light Therapy for Quantum Tissue Regeneration from increasing Mitochondrial Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP or “cellular battery”) by activating light sensitive enzymes – and now with exoticLED’s for Blood Purification.

  • The Biomirror Plus: a proven leader in Holographic Radionic Broadcasting -- employing remedies, photos and biological witness samples as well as generating personalized vibrational essences.


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The LIGHTWAVE RESONATOR/BIO-MIRROR is designed with the most advanced integrative bio-technology available.  It demonstrates the ability to interact at the level of living cellular energetics to heal and ultimately regenerate life at the level of the cell and deeper.  It advances over a decade of research and development of light-regenerative instruments for ATP Induction and now now it has been upgraded to add blood purification, quantum photonic radionics and heart/mind balancing.

The Lightwave Resonator/Biomirror is a very advanced Light Therapy Instrument which integrates holographic radionics. It is intended to:

  • PURIFY THE BLOOD and now it can be used to
  • RADIONICALLY BROADCAST with Biological Witness Samples and/or Remedies
  • POWERFULLY BALANCE THE CHAKRAS especially the Heart & Pineal

This amazing technology is just now exclusively available and is manufactured by Sky David who has been advancing Light Regenerative Technologies for us since the early 1990’s. The Lightwave Resonator/ Biomirror is a sister technology to our Photon Sound Beam and is very synergistic with its use -- having first opened-up all of the energy and information channels with the Photon Sound Beam.  

We are taking orders on a first come first serve basis.   Please call or email us if you have any questions.  Lightwave Resonator/Biomirror is NOW! $100 OFF the normal retail price of $1995 -- or $200 OFF RETAIL if you already have purchased a PhotonSoundBeam (any model).

This information is not as yet on our website.   ASK FOR OUR 12 PAGE PHOTO DESCRIPTION.

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Lightwave Resonator/Biomirror

RE: A.T.P.  Induction

A.T.P. = Adenosine Triphosphate, a nucleoside that is the primary source of energy of the living cell. It is formed by genetic structures within the cell called the mitochondria. These mitochondria are the enzyme factors whose primary function is to convert carbons (simple sugars) in to A.T.P. Billions of years ago the polarizing action of sunlight on the face of the earth catalyzed the formation of nudeos ides These nucleosides were further polarized into the mitochondria. Once the mitochondria were formed, they took over the polarizing functions of the sun and produced enough A.T.P. to provide the polarizing force to build nucleotides, master genes, DNA, etc. These first mitochondria encoded the origin of life with the keys to the entire genetic evolutionary process.

Inductor: In Embryology the word inductor is defined: The influence of one tissue upon the development of adjacent tissue.

The Lightwave Resonator/Biomirror induces heightened activity of the mitochondria in living cells. Induction works by a process called sympathetic resonance. An example of sympathetic resonance can be seen in an experiment involving two tuning forks. If one is static and the second is struck, its vibration will cause the first tuning fork to go into a harmonic sympathetic resonance by proximity.

Lightwave Resonator/Biomirror     consists of an internally computerized control unit and a dual LED emitter head that supports itself directly over a tissue area The inductor mimics the complex energetic held interference patterns that are emitted by the normal activity of mitochondria. The mitochondria of the living cells directly in the treatment area produce a high reservoir of A.T.P and by sympathetic resonance the activity of the mitochondria are heightened throughout the entire cellular matrix of the person being treated, taking about 20 to 30 minutes to pervade the entire body.

A.T.P is itself the primary inductive force of the living cell1 Refer to the book: A REVOLUTION IN THE PHYSIOLOGY OF THE LIVING CELL by Gilbert Ling, Ph.D. for a detailed understanding of how A.T. P. is the principle inductive force that defines the living state of the cell by polarizing the constituents of the cell by its energetic field. This polarizing force keeps the normal living cell in a state of low entropy (entropy is a measure of disorder) by inducing polypeptide chains, water and potassium into the same polarized state. The periphery of the energetic field created by the A.T.P. is called the cell wall or membrane. An A.T.P. reservoir enhances cellular performance, polarization of genetic structures and clarity of information transfers from the DNA at the core of the cell.

The action of the ATP Inductor aspect of the Lightwave Resonator/Biomirror of the is greatly enhanced if the lymph system is in optimal mechanical function. Therefore, the treatment protocol would involve use of tire Photon Sound Beam XII first. After the Photon Sound Beam XII treatment, the quadrapod of the ATP Inductor 2000 is placed over the sternum for 20 minutes to produce systemic enhancement of the immune system. When there is optimal lymph and Immune function, the ATP Inductor 2000 can be used to induce the very high A.T. P. reservoir necessary for tissue regeneration.

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