Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam

Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound BeamCreators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound BeamVibrational Energy Electromedicine - Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam
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Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam

Evolution of the Photon Sound Beam

Our Photon Sound Beam Product Line combines the best of early pioneers and researchers who made major contributions to 20th Century Electromedicine.  

In the early part of the 20th Century researchers experimented with Radio Frequencies and Electrical Fields and discovered dramatic effects in treating serious issues of health. 

In the 1920's, after 20 years of research experimenting with radio waves to treat cancer in plants and humans, Georges Lakhovsky discovered that Radio wave Frequencies with high harmonic content exhibited remarkable success in short period of time.  He is famous for his Multiwave Oscillator which broadcasted powerful electric fields at distance.  Lakhovski’s overall conclusion was that Radio Frequencies with the highest amount of harmonics were always more successful in treating cancer.

Later in the 1930's -- Royal Raymond Rife identified and demonstrated specific "mortal oscillatory rates" or frequencies associated with pathogens responsible for cancer, tuberculosis and other life-threatening diseases.  With the help of Lee DeForest (the "father of modern electronics") Rife then developed a Radio wave Plasma "Beam Tube" which was found to quickly devitalize these pathogens at a distance with a powerful shortwave radio wave broadcast carrying mortal oscillatory rates.

In the late 1970's our current business partner introduced an electrical "Metal Rod Rife Frequency Generator" (created by John Crane, Rife's assistant in the 1950's) to Ed Skilling and Robert Beck. This Electrical Frequency Generator was advanced by in the 1980's and experimented in clinics in Mexico. Since the specifications were made public -- today there are many vendors of Metal Rod Rife Frequency Generator with many frequency applications.

However -- when we began working with Ed Skilling in the late 1980's -- he mentioned that instruments, which use Metal Rods, deliver a higher current than what is natural to the body and can only follow the main conductive pathways of the cardio-vascular system. Skilling asserted that this type of Rife Technology has limited penetration and distorts the waveforms of specific Rife Frequencies due to metal-to-skin "impedance". This prompted Ed to create his Sound Probe in 1988, which broadcasts a radio wave signal with RF Quartz Crystal Oscillators.  The Sound Probe is applied close to the body to avoid chaotic EMF and cell phone pollution found with Rife broadcasting at distance.

So In 1994, Ed Skilling developed his "Inert Gas Sound Probe" which added Glass Applicators filled with Inert Gases.  These Electrically Ionized Plasma Tubes have a significant advantage over Rife's radio wave Plasma Tubes because they can deeply penetrate biological levels of Plasma-electricity that deeply "cleanse" the Lymphatic System, Tissues and other fluids such as cerebral spinal fluid and cellular fluids. Working with Ed Skilling we re-named this instrument the Photon Sound Beam.

In 1997 our very special and knowledgeable engineers -- specializing in electro-physiology, contemporary electrical engineering, radionics, subtle energy and sacred geometry -- began to evolve this 94 prototype Photon Sound Beam by creating the PSB VII, VII and Essential PSB. 

These advancements included:
(1) dramatically cleaning-up the circuitry, (2) improving the durability of the hardware, and (3) adding important basic control features such as Universal Rife Frequency Selection and Pulsation Control.  These enhanced control features are important for enhancing regeneration in body, and for overcoming a common problem with any technology: body accommodation -- when after time the body ignores any energy or frequencies.  This typically happens after 30 to 40 minutes exposure to any Vibrational Energy Technology.

In 2005 we made a quantum advancement of the Photon Sound Beam technology by adding a second Tesla Coil so that both Electric Plasma Tubes output electrical energy rather the previous Mono-polar Photon Sound Beams. This bi-phasic system allows an omni-directional flow of biological micro-current from the Noble Gas glass applicators which enhances tissue and fluid cleansing and the integration of frequencies. It also eliminates any harmless but uncomfortable electrostatic shocking characteristic of previous mono-polar units with only one output applicator. Each Plasma Tube applicator work in tandem with each other; when one is sending energy the other is receiving it.

In addition, we added sophisticated computer chip circuitry. This enabled frequency ranges from 1 to 10,000 hertz, which covers most of the Rife Frequency Range – as well as a Frequency Sweep selection which auto-cycles 36 priority Rife and brainwave frequencies pulsing each frequency 5 times. This dramatically reduces body accommodation.

TODAY the Photon Sound Beam XII is our most popular model.  It is both a personal-use and clinical instrument. It has Biphasic output, Brainwave and Rife Frequency Selections and a 36 Priority Rife Frequency Sweep, Individual Pause and Pulse Controls, and vastly improved reliability and appearance. Our clinical model -- Photon Sound Beam Infinity RF-- adds full-frequency programming with up to 60 Frequency Programs including 40 Pre-Set Programs.  The PSB Infinity RF includes a Rife Frequency list book, an additional glass applicator, and a selection for either Electrical or Radiowave Plasma Tube output.

In a world filled with unpredictability and toxins at all levels, the trend towards the “nourishment model” of health (rather than allopathic approaches) is imperative. Nourishing the powerful self-healing intelligence of our bodies has much deeper and long-lasting benefits than allopathically forcing a change of existing symptoms alone. Symptoms are simply the body communicating to us about much deeper levels of physiological and energetic imbalance.

The future of Vibrational Energy Technologies must include the nourishment model to health. As with any approach to health, a more conscious path to take is to put the attention on creating wellness with natural bio-electrical energy and harmonically-rich frequency information rather than simply eliminating pathogens. Creating an ideal biochemical and electrochemical terrain with the body automatically eliminates the opportunity for pathogens and dis-ease. Perhaps the destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms in Rife’s model can be better perceived as that of creating specific electrical qualities (such as current and impedance) associated with each Rife carrier frequency which creates a deleterious biological terrain for these micro-organisms.

Nourishment, detoxification, re-building, rejuvenation and regeneration are the keys to creating perfect health.  Our bodies have an unlimited self-healing and regenerative potential. Vibrational Energy Technologies such as Noble Gas Rife/Lymph instruments can encourage this potential in a dramatic way. They offer exciting new vistas in Alternative Health now and far into the future!