Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam

Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound BeamCreators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound BeamVibrational Energy Electromedicine - Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam
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Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam

Blowing the Whistle on the Rife Story
Who's Who in the Rife Game
(1930 to 1988)

This article was provided by Bud Curtis in San Diego in the late 1980's when we began Integrated Healing Systems and our exploration into Rife Technology.

The history of the Rife Frequency Generator goes back in time to the 1930's. However, the original research travels back even further to 1880, and the first patents were issued in 1890, to a man named Fisher. Many men like Tesla, Lakhovsky, Voll, Nagier, etc. all contributed to this teahnology Rite happened to land an over zealous journalist named Barry Lynes who made him into a folk hero with the book The Cancer Cure That Worked. But, back in those early years, there were many heroic experiments.

Because of the controversy over Rife, we will concentrate on his legacies and early instrumentation. Rife developed 5 powerful optical microscopes, the most powerful at which is known as the Universal Microscope. It was developed in 1933, consists of 5,682 parts, and is so "powerful" because of its ability to accurately view microorganisms in their natural habitat. Rife, while observing bacteria, viruses and fungi when using the microscope, was able to observe their demise while applying energy derived from the frequency of the square wave generator. Audio frequency generators of the 1930 era were large and bulky and subject to frequent instability. The instrumentation was crude and unstable. To determine the precise frequency with accuracy was difficult and quartz crystal control was required for optimum frequency stability. It is no wonder that Rife did not publish the frequencies that caused the demise of viruses that he observed. It would have been difficult for a person other than an expert radio technician or engineer to determine and measure frequencies accurately in 1930.

In the manual and notes of Rife, there is no mention of the frequency, only dial settings. And these depend upon how the parameters were set up in the oscillator stage. The Manual also points out many "Do Nots", which indicates mechanical instability of the instrument. The 1987-88 versions of the original Frequency Generator had been developed through a need for an experimental program to investigate and study the work of Rife and perhaps revalidate his experiments using an audio frequency square wave generator to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

In 1977, a researcher from San Diego, California discovered a man who had for many years known Rife. Rife provided a frequency generator for this man's use when he developed cancer. He used the generator and cured his cancer.

Rife built that instrument from a SQID "Heath Kit". It had vacuum tube electronics which were impossible to he kept exactly tuned and accurate. Therefore, whatever the frequencies were, they had little, if anything, to do with the healing. Through later research, it has been found that the harmonics of the frequency band are what made it work. Rife merely substantiated what Lakhovsky knew in 1925. According to his original material, Rife didn't know the differences between a frequency and a pulse repetition rate By sheer luck the vacuum tube's natural oscillation, and the Heath Kit he used, just happened to match the body's impedance. (In order to get energy into the body it is necessary to break through the electric field around the body.) Rife "lucked out", and the off-the-shelf-generator modified with foot pads worked!

The San Diego researcher in the late 1970's then had a problem with a relative who had breast cancer. She contacted Rife's friend who loaned the generator to her. After having complete success, she asked Ed Skilling (a pioneer in the field of electromagnetics) to duplicate the old generator with state of the art electronics.

Ed, using the number settings of the old generator with an oscilloscope, converted the numbers on the dial settings to actual audio frequencies. We must assume that the numbers on the dial settings were correct, as the result of its use in the past fifteen years would indicate. Then, Bob Beck and Ed Skilling created schematics for the copy generator and gave them out to researchers free, thinking research could then be conducted by many people and could not be stopped easily.

However, the plot thickens... Several people from California took the schematics with the five frequencies and started manufacturing units in their garage. When Ed and Bob warned them of the two higher frequencies, they said the "spirits" told them they were OK to use, so they continued to manufacture and sell. Thus, the QLF was born. The only difference between the Skilling Schematics and the final QLP' was that the technician who put it together used a crystal control, which isn't significant. Because the frequencies are in the hundreds there could be a drift of minus 5 or 10 hertz and it wouldn't make a difference. The mistake was made in not using a symmetrical output. It is imperative to have a symmetrical square wave signal that cancels out to zero. In other words, the positive has to go to certain amplitude and the negative to certain amplitude, with zero point being the crossover point. It not done correctly, it won't be a symmetrical wave form and will not work.

In the fall of 1987, Los Angeles, California, a group of medical people and scientists met to discuss the possible use of electronics in the treatment of AIDS. A few doctors, headed by Robert Streaker, M.D., believed the Rife Frequency Generator might be helpful in the treatment of AIDS. At that meeting Ed Skilling volunteered to create a third generation device with improvements and solid state dependability to simplify usage, particularly in setting the three frequency changes. The second generation unit was provided with a Vernier dial, and a digital frequency counter was used to set precise frequencies as called out in the original specifications.

Before the third generation was released, Barry Lynes wrote his book on Rife, The Cancer Cure That Worked. The reason he wrote the book was to sell a limited partnership, which was not a registered security, to potential investors. His plan was to replicate Rife's work and lease the machines to doctors at $1,000 per month. For this he wanted to raise several million dollars. When Skilling's schematics came out free, and when he built a few generators for people at less than $1,000, Lynes scheme came to an abrupt halt. To say the least, Skilling and Beck became Lynesí enemy, a situation which continues to this day.

The third generation device had three stable, solid state integrated circuit oscillations in which the frequency changes are controlled by a five position rotary switch. skilling used the C, D and E position as the same frequency. If another frequency was found in the future, it could be added. The critical electron tube output stage is the same as used in the researcherís second generation Rife unit. Skilling discovered years ago that the output impedance of the electron tube provides an excellent match to the human body and allows maximum transfer of energy - which a solid state output amplifier would not provide, at least in that configuration.

The Frequency Generator that this all started with uses the same type circuit as the second-generation device, except for the tube number. Rife's tool and dye man, John Crane, decided he would jump on the bandwagon about this time along with Bud Curtis. They took an off-the-shelf BK 3011 Frequency Generator, stuck a sticker on it that said "Rite-Crane Frequency Generator", modified it so that pads could be added, and the Crane-Curtis Rife machine was born. Crane, having no background in electronics, simply did not match the body impedance, and they sold it as is. The original unit used a 6v6 octal base. The researcher's unit used a GAQ5, which is a miniature 7 pin version with similar specifications. The second generation unit uses direct DC output.

Medical scientists who have studied the reaction of DC electrical energy at the cell level indicate that DC is bad (in spite of the fact that a good many acupuncture devices use DC for stimulation effectively). However, the second generation unit used a capacitor to block the DC current from the output, allowing the alternating square wave current to pass to the output.

The "1987" third generation Rife-type frequency generator that Skilling created had stable solid state frequency, controlled oscillations (both mechanically and electrically) with the ease of shifting the frequencies using a simple five position rotary dial, and the electron tube with cathode follower circuit for maximum transfer of output energy.

This instrument, however, did not prove as effective as former generations, unit Skilling pulsed the signal. At that time the fourth generation was born. The pulsed signal is very important in solid state electronics because of the body accommodation, If you have a continuous square wave signal and put the signal into the body, after 20 or SO minutes the body accommodates and there is no longer any effect. But if the signal is pulsed at one second "on" and a half second "off", it gives time for the body chemistry to work. The Crane Machine off-the-shelf-generation BK 3011 was not pulsed and that is why it is not effective. It also is a low voltage, high current device, so the impedance is wrong. It would work to use as a square wave into a sound amplifier, as an example, to determine whether the frequency response is what is necessary for a stereo amplifier. It has about a 20 volt peak-to-peak voltage. But what is needed for enough energy into the body is 5O volts peak-to-peak. Crane used this Model BK 3011 "off-the-shelf" frequency generator, as well as one from Global Specialties, for which he simply changed the front panel.

At this point, December 1987, it is interesting to note that the Medical doctors who attended the Los Angeles meeting to explore means of treating AIDS electronically had not responded when informed that a Rife Frequency Generator was available for research.

During the past fifteen years of research, many instruments have been loaned to individuals to treat themselves and they have corrected the problems of disease. It is important to point out that all applications of the output energy of the Frequency Generator have been accomplished by means of two 4 x 8 inch rectangular stainless steel plates. The subject places his/her bare feet on the plates and each frequency is applied for five minutes. This process constituted a full treatment, once a day. In every case, the subject reports a feeling of "well-being", and no deleterious reports were ever made. After all, the worse that can happen with a pulsed electromagnetic field is oxygenation, increased blood flow and circulation, as well as muscle movement. In all of the above cases the instrument was used by individuals to treat themselves. The fourth generation unit, used in research had such a widespread acceptability and success that people asked Ed Skilling to build the units for sale. He, being a Pioneer and scientist, interested purely in the invention, let his son-in- law, who owned E.F. Skilling, Inc., build the units. He had given out the plans for free, but many people still did not build them correctly. This unit became known as the Super Pro.

Before we go further, let's go back to understand the Universal Rife Microscope We know it worked because we have some fuzzy film showing that could be seen through the Microscope. The mystery is that no one could get it to work but Rife. Crane sold the microscope to Barry Lynes and was to be part of the company Lynes was putting together. Curiously, Crane didn't give Lynes a few parts that were required until he felt "comfortable" with the deal. As it ended up, there were hard feelings and Crane didn't give the parts to Lynes. However, even with all the parts, no one was ever able to make Rife's Microscope work. There is a complete Universal Rife Microscope in England, and no one can make it work! What was Rife's secret?

Remember we looked into what radionics and scalarís were all about? One theory is that Rife used his own mind to produce a scalar which lined up the three lenses and made the microscope work! It sometimes took 48 hours to align the microscope. Did Rife drop into a radionic, altered state of consciousness to align it? Maybe so.

We now have two new microscopes that work with the same magnification as Rife's. One is from Germany. the Ergonam, the other from Canada, invented by Gaston Naessens. There is controversy over both of them. When lining up the non-liner optics that are necessary, a laser or 50mc type of subtle energy optical scalar must be used. It is an interesting theory that, because Rife had no sophisticated equipment, electronics or lasers, he created the necessary scalar wave form with his own Mind.

What is the present research and what does the future show? The newest technology now in use is [an advancement of] a fifth generation frequency generator device invented by Skilling. This research instrument is called the "Sound Probe", which uses sound tonal energy. This unit does not touch the body with pads. It is essentially a miniature radio station, operating at very low power levels, which produces energy within the body. Skilling has created a series of tone frequencies with extremely high harmonic content. The sound probe is battery operated and rechargeable. Skilling took the work of Lakhovsky and Rife and combined them, taking a short wave frequency and modulating it with audible sounds. This way, high voltage, like Lakhovsky and Rife used, is not necessary. The Inverse Square Rule Law of radio frequency energy is that the farther the distance you get from the source, the less the energy received. For example, a radio station may put out 50,000 watts in a city, but by the time it gets to your antenna at your house, you're working with microvolts.

Therefore, there is no reason to use high voltage and high power energy to bring these signals to a usable point, since that point is against the body. Scientists found this principle to be true by lowering and lowering the power level until the latest generation operates at five rnilliwatts. A milliwatt is one thousandth of one watt.

Rife lowered his power levels from 500 watts down to 50 watts, but he didn't know that the real secret was to go even lower while maintaining the harmonic content. Unfortunately, he did not have the electronics available to him to experiment in that area.

Rife's square wave produces odd harmonics, but a spike wave, pulse, and soft-tooth wave all have a tendency to produce high harmonic content. The secret is not to use a transformer. Some people took the BK 3011 off-the-shelf generator and put a transformer in the output; in doing so they lost the harmonic content- The voltage level was boosted but the harmonics were lost. The circuit must be designed to have very little capacitance, and capacitance is lost with high frequencies. The wave form developed for the Sound Probe creates a signal that works up into hundreds of hertz, and out into the mega hertz, and possibly into light wave frequencies.

The Radio-Frequency Sound Probe basically balances the field and relaxes the body which provides a "window of opportunity", allowing the body's healing mechanism to operate at peak performance. The theories of Lakhovsky, Abrams, Edwards and Rife were all used to develop this latest technology.

George Lakhovsky theorized that each human cell operated like a tiny battery and when fully charged, each cell is able to experience cell balance and create a feeling of well-being.

In the 1930's - Rife believed that germs, responsible for creating disease within the body, had a frequency and were present in several stages of develoment (i.e. viral, bacterial, and fungal -called pleomorphism) within the body. He believed that germs each have a specific frequency and that these frequencies disrupt the cell's natural oscillation. When this occurs, the cell is put in an "out of balance" condition. He found that when he subjected germs to the correct short wave frequencies - the germs disintegrated.

Dr. Abrahms, M.D., theorized that a disease condition puts out radio frequency activity incompatible with normal cell function. He believed you could alter the polarity of the affected cell, restore its electrical balance, and thereby accelerate wellness in all out-of-balance cells.

A New York University study discovered that sound tones trigger neural responses in a listener's brain in specific places over the surface of the auditory cortex in a straight line. This research indicated that man's brain is 'tuned' much like a piano keyboard and will evoke certain responses when the right 'noteí is struck. So, we 'feelí better when we hear certain 'sounds'. These sounds must be triggering some response in the brain, which releases some neuro-chemical brain material that puts us in a calm state of relaxed mental and physical health.

With the Sound Probe, certain sound tones, when combined with specific wave forms, tend to sing the body energies into a balanced state. This wonderful new technology has come a long way from the old vacuum tube generation!

The future is even more exciting! Ed Skilling is continuing his research building upon what he and a team of researchers (including Dr. Glen Rein, Tom Valone, Dr. Victor Adamenko, Dr. Valerie Hunt, Jeff Byrd and others) have found in scalar theories, by using various Inert Gases to modulate the frequencies. This technology is incorporated in the "Light Beam Generator" and within the latest development, the "Light Ion Bean Tube". * The results so far have been phenomenal! Lymph drainage is accomplished in minutes, unclogging arteries and veins, shrinking vericose veins, eliminating lumps in the breast and other lymph blockages that look like tumors, tatty tumors, leg and back pain, etc.

Stagnant energy flow due to improper diet, stress, life style, environment, and mental - emotional action creates a poisonous environment in the body, creating the prime cause of malignant, viral, bacterial, and allergic diseases.

From the point of view presented in this material, the most important causes underlying disease in the biological system are those that provide a "soil" in which the pathogenic forms of bacteria flourish, namely, the obstruction and congestion of the lymphatic system. Since the lymphatic system is involved in toxic drainage, it is imperative to restore and maintain proper lymphatic function.

The influence of the mind upon the body is assumed. This vast system of biochemical activity is being recognized as having its own qualities and laws of behavior running along the Myelin sheaths of the nerves using the nervous system as its line of communication throughout the body. Just as the blood plasma itself seeps into every cell of the body as lymph, electromagnetic energy is present, asserting itís influence in every cell and molecule of living forms.

Electromagnetic energy has a special connection with the endocrine glands. Its flow is automatically responsive to the psychological state of the individual, and acts as a bridging influence, linking the psyche to the body, and interlinking with the subjective life of the individual. Problems in metabolism appear to be influenced by the mechanical and chemical environment but even more importantly from the subjective interaction of electromagnetic energy.

In a healthy, working body not only are the metabolic processes functioning in such a way that the incoming and outgoing energies are balanced, but also, the neural energies are unobstructed on both physical and subjective levels, thereby maintaining an equilibrium. The mind-body mechanism works as a whole, and illness is a potent indication of maladjustment, not only in the physical body, but also throughout the total, integrated human system.

The energy body is the stable matrix for cell growth and tissue change. The psychological influences, working through the vortexes, the nervous system, the glands, and all their associated vital energies affect each cell at the moment of growth or resolution through other influences upon the energy body. The sympathetic nervous system and emotions correspond and are a determining influence upon all fluids in the body, while the mind directly affects the nerves and neural energy. Therefore, health, or the restoration of health, of a person depends upon the free flow of all fluids in the body, net-ve conductivity and the oxygenation of the system.

Distortions arising from congestion create accumulated material in the system and circulation becomes sluggish. In a congested area, the organs are either affected or not; according to the persons type and also according to the whole system of correspondences between mind and body. It is concluded, therefore, that it is first the condition of the person as a whole, and not to any specific microbe, that we should look to for those factors which are the true causes of disease.

The function of the blood stream to provide nourishment to the tissue cells and to remove waste products from these cells is a well-known principle, perhaps because of the more obvious red blood cells, which, in reality, comprise only a cellular fraction of the blood. In actuality, however, there is no physical contact of the blood with most of the cells of the body.

The real cellular environment is provided by lymph and tissue fluids, Lymph is formed from fluid, electrolytes and protein that filters through the arterial ends of the enormous number of capillaries, and the lymph, carrying tissue waste products, re-enters the capillaries at their venous ends by virtue of differences in blood pressure, osmatic pressure and intercellular pressure. Lymph vessels and nodes make up a lesser-known system which carries fluid back to the venous system.

The lymph nodes are located throughout the body as "connectors" where tissue-draining lymph vessels loin to the lymph trunks leading back to re-enter the venous system via the sub-clavian vein. It is in these nodes that lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) are made. The lymphocyte has the ability to pass through the vessel and cell walls and to engulf foreign material and organisms which invade the body; so we can see the importance of a healthy lymphatic system in both functions of lymphocyte formation and in moving waste and invaders from body tissue.

It is interesting to note that lymph nodes, which drain the lungs, become black from dust particles. Many of us have noticed swelling and soreness of lymph nodes during illnesses. Indeed, sometimes an acute infection can cause an abscess formation, and upon surgical drainage the large number at cells (their remains) and bacteria give ample evidence to the battle going on to rid the body of invaders.

The Light Beam Generator and the Light Ion Beam Tube* are extremely important inventions, and perhaps the wave of the future in "electromagnetics". Ed Skilling and Jeff Byrd took the latest technologies from the Rife Generator, and married them to the latest gaseous tube technology. with these devices, penetrating radio (RF) frequencies are modulated by Rife frequencies and complimented with various Inert Gases to produce ultraviolet and other light frequencies (The ionized gases also produce several other RF frequencies such as with a Lakhovsky multiwave oscillator). If one wants to sterilize a lab, you would use ultraviolet light to kill all virus, bacteria, and fungus. Certain gases give off an ultraviolet component, just enough to be effective. In other words, the ultraviolet enters at a level that virus, bacteria and fungus cannot tolerate, but can and will rejuvenate healthy cells. With the Rife frequencies riding the wave form, a one-two punch is delivered. But the main effect of the therapy is to charge the particles, or cells, so that they repel each other. Remember, each cell has a polarity, and when that polarity changes, they start to attract each other rather than repel. When this happens, energy blocks occur, the blood platelets clog the veins, the lymph fluid ceases, and the whole system stops. Just like a gutter full of leaves, nothing can penetrate the blockage. Lumps and soreness occur. But by simply putting the charge back into the cell correctly, the cells and platelets start moving slowly apart. Not in dangerous hunks, but whispfully, one by one, dropping away from the knotted clump. With only minutes of use and slight manual massage, the process continues until all swelling, A pain, etc., is gone. This equipment is not theoretical, it is now in the clinical stage of use. Read More

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