Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam

Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound BeamCreators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound BeamVibrational Energy Electromedicine - Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam
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Creators and Manufactures of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam

About Us

Enlivening the Body Electric with Vibrational Energy Bio-Electric Technologies.

Who are we?  How can we best serve you?  What are your health concerns? How can we introduce and upgrade Vibrational Energy Technologies personally and into your professional practice?

If you are new to this most ancient, venerable, and time-tested arena of Natural Medicine, let us share with you our eclectics and our 20 years of expertise in Vibrational Energy BioElectric Medicine.  
Until we are living in the whole state of enlightenment where there is no separation – which is the original cause of dis-ease – we are separate parts that must communicate with each other; in other words we function with Object Referral rather than Self Referral.

The "Gap" between these apparent separate parts is most fundamentally bridged with bio-electricity, from the Cosmos to the individual cells in all things.  The language of this gap is bio-electric in nature, manifested with the focus of attention and intention we pull from what the Quantum Field Physicists call the Unified Field - our reality experienced as photons.

Photons from the nonphysical realms are the messengers of creative intelligence.  Everything is frequency vibration.  Frequency is the language of vibrating consciousness which manifests as sound, sacred geometry, and light as photons.  All electromagnetic phenomena move, manifest, and change through the photon on a quantum level.

Vibrational Energy Technologies can deliver frequency information more directly than the use of a substance or a remedy.  This is because energy lies closer to consciousness than matter; it is more universal and it has movement.  Consequently, when the body receives energy and information directly through sophisticated frequency technologies, the results are far-reaching and broad in scope without side effects. Each cell in the body is an electric dipole; the inside of the cell is a positive charge and the outer membrane a negative electrical charge.  Every membrane acts exactly like a computer chip.  When cells lose their strong electrical charge, they begin to stick together into clusters.  Blockages are created, cells become disorganized and dissonant in vibration, and creative intelligence cannot express. The coherent flow of energy and information is a prerequisite of perfect health. This means that all of the energetic pathways in the body, subtle and gross must be open and clear.  When all the channels are flowing freely, then creative intelligence, consciousness, attention, and intention from the gap have a vehicle of pure potentiality in which to express.

PlasmaElectrical Instruments open up all the subtle and gross energy pathways with a natural flow of biological electricity at low levels of current which is emitted from a vacuum state inside Noble Gas glass tubes ionized with Tesla Coils and/or broad-spectrum RF and high-frequency RF Signals.  This vacuum state has a direct connection to the gap, facilitated by the exotic healing value of Noble Gases (Argon, Xenon, Krypton) and their signature color frequencies. This "plasma-electricity" deeply cleanses the body's tissues and fluids, and opens-up all the energy and information channels by electrically disassociating bound protein and bound cells which have lost their normal electrical potential from an acid biochemistry.  These instruments can quickly restore both the ideal energy state and resonant frequency of every cell in the body, while preparing the body so that it can fully receive a frequency broadcast to simultaneously devitalize pathogenic micro-organisms while nourishing the healthy cells.

Health is simply a matter of what gets into the cells (nourishment) and what gets out (purification).  This is entirely dependent upon the consciousness and conductivity of the gap.  The more conductive and the more conscious the gap is – the less the resistance called "ignor-ance of our oneness"  -- and the greater the flow of current as information necessary for perfect health, wholeness, and oneness within our own precious earth body and all of creation.  In other words, the more aligned we are with the Laws of Nature – the more bio-available and bio-identical – the less the resistance to the conductivity and communication of natural laws.

Stagnation, congestion and crystallization cause dis-ease and death.  "Affluence" or "flow" is life in a physical form, which is communicated in terms of positive and negative polarity through the gap. Information both in and out of the cell is membrane-dependent and is electrical in nature. This flow from the finest to the grossest level is expressed in many ways: 1) the subtle energy and elec- trical flow between consciousness and matter called "shrotas" in Ayurveda, 2) the flow of nutrients and information across membranes, 3) the axoplasmic electrical flow in nerves (EEG, EKG), 4) the flow of fluids (cerebral-spinal fluid, blood and lymph), and 5) the flow of food in the alimentary tract, etc.

The Vedas say we are the Universe – our physiology is the Veda, and every endocrine gland is a planet. Life is consciousness becoming conscious of itself.  Creation unfolds sequentially from the unchanging Absolute State of eternal silence into the first primordial sound, then into pre-geometry, sacred geometry and then light as photons into the Relative State of manifested existence.  When existence becomes conscious then "intelligence" becomes "intelligent."

Since 1988 Integrated Healing Systems has been offering -- and continually evolving to higher and higher states of consciousness -- the most comprehensive and best-researched physical, earthy expression of Vibrational Energy ElectroMedicine Technologies.  We invite you to join us on the incredible journey from wholeness and oneness through the illusion of separation and through the communication of the parts through bio-electricity, back to enlightenment and wholeness – from here to here! In all the play of God/Goddess – forgetting our whole- ness and re-membering -- the gap in the re-membering is filled with bio-electricity.

We live – as Tesla knew – in a Bio-Electromagnetic Universe.  Let us help you re-connect to this pure knowledge, the body and universe electric!  How can we connect you and your personal/professional needs with our Unified Field Technologies?  The collective consciousness is awakening.  Ride the crest of the wave and let go into this pure knowledge.  Ride the bio-electric current of life in Perfect Health, happiness, oneness, bliss and a life of richest blessings. Know your Self – the universe within and know that the wave of physical manifestation is a waveform of fluctuating consciousness.  Wake up now and enjoy the ride of photon particles manifesting from the Unified Field into physical reality with the focus of your attention and intention.  

CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!  Fill the "gap" with the pure knowledge of these ancient/contemporary technologies.  Let us help you understand the most fundamental aspect of life here in this reality NOW!


Linda Hannapel and Keith Frick have been researching, educating, and promoting the use of ever-advancing Vibrational Energy Technologies for the last 20 years. Their knowing of this newly re-discovered arena is the result of a long journey of experiential knowledge – investigating a wide variety of instruments, working with creative engineers such as Robert Beck, Ed Skilling, John Crane (Royal Raymond Rife's personal associate for decades), and listening to hundreds of success stories from all over the world. Linda and Keith specialize in answering all your questions. Their background in all of the healing arts, particularly the "mother science" of Ayurveda compliments their ability to match individual needs with appropriate technologies from a very broad and conscious perspective to maximize effectiveness and minimize cost.

Linda Hannapel is a Perfect Health Facilitator and Intuitive Empath of 30 years with a BA from Kalamazoo College in Physiology and Psychology and an MS in the Science of Consciousness from MIU. She has been eclectically gathering all aspects of the best of Natural and Western Medicine to create a contemporary program of wholeness. Ayurveda, the 5000 year-old Science of Life and Being, has been Linda's love for over 25 years. Ayurveda is the Mother of all systems of medicine and embraces all the parts of medicine into an integrated wholeness. She worked for the U of A College of Medicine in Tucson AZ for 15 years supervising a research lab in Pathology and Clinical, Academic, and Research Neurology prior to her entry into Holistic/Natural Medicine.

Keith Frick has a BS in Geology and a background in Engineering & Exploration Geology and Geophysics working with Mother Earth, and for the last 20 years – the Science of Consciousness, Transcending Meditation, the Vedas, Reiki, Shamanic Astrology Consultations, Holistic and Ayurvedic Medicine, and advancing the technical and comprehensive value of Vibrational Energy Medicine Technologies.

Linda and Keith are constantly researching for the highest and the best to assist you, your family, friends and business in creating your Perfect Health Program. They are knowledgeably, experientially, & lovingly at your service.

1) Sophisticated, leading edge Vibrational Energy Medicine Technologies
2) Constitutional Body Typing using Ayurveda -Vata, Pitta, Kapha
3) Diet and Lifestyle
4) Homeopathy and Flower Essences
5) Herbs,
6) Rejuvenation and Purification using Ayurvedic Pancha Karma,
7) Breathing: Pranayama, and Sudarshan Kriya,
8) Neurotransmitter/Hormonal Balancing with a special emphasis on adrenal exhaustion, the root of all stress & dis-ease,
9) Life Purpose Shamanic Astrology,
10) the Science of Consciousness where the Nervous System is the laboratory and Consciousness is the means of investigation, and
11) Linda also treats your beloved pets remotely using radionics (hair/saliva/witness) and muscle response testing to determine the exact vibrational protocol necessary.

Linda and Keith use a sophisticated form of muscle testing called Kinesionics to ask each body what it needs to come into Perfect Health (doshic balance), which can be done remotely as a phone consultation. Their team of Engineers and Inventors each exemplify the essence of pure creative intelligence. Their family origins are characterized by qualities of fierce independence, individuality, and keen insight into the practical application of the Laws of Nature.

They are creative geniuses and can build anything. They have backgrounds in Electronics, Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Radionics, Sustainable Living, Free Energy, and new Wave-Form Electrical Engineering – and for the past 15 years have integrated Para-Biophysics, Quantum Physics, and Holistic Medicine with advancing Thought-Interactive & Field Coherent Technologies, Subtle Energy Instruments, ATP Quantum Light Regeneration Therapy, Biological/BioEnergetic creations of all kinds. and specifically how to implement their experiential knowledge into ever-advancing new technologies which maximize comprehension , ease-of-use, and affordability.