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Photon Sound Beam XII
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Photon Sound Beam XII, PSB Infinity RF
Photon Sound Beam Infinity RF : Comprehensive Rife/Lakhovsky/Lymphatic Clinical Instrument with Full Frequency Programming. 3 modalities in 1: Electrical PlasmaTubes, Radiowave PlasmaTubes and RF Sound Probe. NEW! Dolphin Sweep Frequency Program AND Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Broadcast.
NEW! ATP NeuroEndocrine Balancer PLUS!: A.T.P. Induction for quantum Cellular Chi advancing Cellular Genetics, activating Pineal, Pituitary & Hypothalamus, Tissue Regeneration, Rejuvenation, accelerated healing, Deep Healing Sleep, expanded Consciousness. Now with remote RADIONIC BROADCASTING at a REDUCED PRICE. Cellular Enlightenment!

Contemporary Instruments and the Photon Sound Beam

Welcome to the exciting world of Energy Medicine, also called Electro-Medicine!

Since there are only a few websites and very little information in the open literature, we suggest you spend a moment to educate yourself about Energy Medicine by categorizing the long list of instruments available today so that you can make a more conscious choice so suit your individual needs. You may also contact us for more information.

We can divide these Vibrational Energy Technologies into 3 basic categories ranging from subtle to gross in terms of to how they act upon the body:

(1) Subtle Energy   (2) Bio-Resonance, and  (3) Bio-Energetic

Subtle Energy Instruments use "scalar" or "radionic" energy which occur at the zero point -- when any sign-wave (natural frequency) switches its energy polarity and crosses below the zero point line. At that moment – all the so-called "subtle energies" are emitted. We offer very advanced and comprehensive Subtle Energy Instruments which use biological "witness samples" passing through a pure square-wave field to remotely broadcast a holistic resonance into the Bio-Energy Field.

Bio-Resonance Therapies commonly used by Naturopathic, Chiropractic and other practitioners - use biofeedback micro-currents and low voltages to first diagnose the body, and then send a signal to feedback the normal biological waveforms to "debug" distorted frequency waveforms. Theoretically these distorted wave forms are related to trauma and other forms of energetic patterning in our body's cellular memory. See our new addition: the Harmonic Translation System.

Most common are Bio-Energetic Instruments which use Electromagnetic Fields, Bio-Electricity and Light to stimulate/induce natural and more balanced biological responses. Many of us are already aware of TENS units have been used for pain relief for decades. Far beyond this level -- is an emerging new genre of Bio-Energetic Instruments which focus on both nourishment as well as symptomatic relief. Nourishing the body with harmonically rich frequency carrier waves can re-establish the normal cellular resonance. Extremely low bio-electrical currents in the micro-amperage range can gently re-establish ideal electrical potency and polarity, to dramatically de-congest the body. Hence, our premier technology the Photon Sound Beam XII.

The work of Royal Raymond Rife and Rife Technology is rife on the Internet -- but this is only one approach to Electro-Medicine.  Long before Royal Rife story, Georges Lakhovsky did much more valid scientific research using high-harmonic radio frequencies (the Multi-wave Oscillator) to kill cancer cells.   We can do much more than glamorizing scientific heroes of the past -- by advancing technologies into the 21st Century and introducing "Quantum Mechanical BioPhysics" and "Advanced WaveForm Technologies". 

See our Photon Sound Beam Product Line which uniquely combines the value of deep tissue & fluid-cleansing with Rife Technology -- and which comprehends all existing Rife Technologies. This includes the home/clinical Essential Photon Sound Beam and Photon Sound Beam XII and our clinical models, the Infinity RF and LifePulse Pro -- which combine Electric Plasma Tubes, Radiowave Plasma Tubes, Metal Rod/Plate Rife Technology, and our unique RadioWave Sound Probe with dual RF quartz crystal-oscillators, for deep Rife Frequency penetration and includes Full-Frequency Programming, and a complete Rife Frequency Book.

Our Photon Sound Beam Line of PlasmaElectrical-RF Instruments advance the concepts and technology of Nikola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Raymond Rife, Albert Abrams, Robert Beck and Ed Skilling and other contemporary leaders in developing Vibrational Energy Technologies.

Actually, health becomes very simple with Energy Medicine. There are really no negative side effects. Most of these Vibrational Energy Instruments are best considered "Energy Supplements". Energy and Information work hand in hand; the type of energy delivered to the body and the frequency/ waveform are the two fundamental factors of Energy Medicine.

We have been educating/promoting/supporting the use of Vibrational Energy Instruments for over 25 years. We suggest you introduce yourself to Energy Medicine by going to our Articles Section and our Nutritional Support Section of this site. Most importantly PLEASE ORDER our 3 CD Offer with over 30 pages of Literature for $15 domestic or $26 international including shipping.


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